Friday, July 2, 2010

Police Chase Excitement!

My husband always manages to be were the action is! A few weeks ago it was a naked guy near downtown Fort Worth threatening to jump from a billboard took hours and tied up traffic forever, today there was a police chase in our neighborhood! We were standing in the driveway when a guy in a truck comes plowing through the cemetary at the end of our block nearly hitting a the groundskeeper who was weedeating at the time then bounces over the curb and takes out a couple of lightpoles.  Of course he jumped in the car and took off (after 25 years he doesn't even have to tell me what he is doing).  Long story short the guy being chased had stolen a truck over by the car wash and was breaking into houses in our neighborhood.  We live in a very small town on the edge for Fort Worth and we have an awsome police force mostly comprised of rednecks. 

The chase ended a couple of blocks away when the guy crashed the stolen Ford F350 into a house. Luckily, we live in a neighborhood where the houses were built in the late '50s and early 60s and they don't build them like that anymore. Here is the proof!

This bad boy crashed into this house and moved the wall from front to back of the house about 3 feet
 and didn't knock it down!

The truck didn't fair so well!

Spent the morning texting blow by blows to Coco who is related to my hubs...
an upteenth cousin...anyway she loves excitement as well as the next person!

I really want need a police radio!


  1. I thought the street looked familiar!!! Classy guy driving the truck per the video I saw on the news. Never a dull moment is there!!

    Love you!

  2. This just showed up that you updated.
    It is always something with Rick!!!!