Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunglasses...always a saga!

Everyone has a favorite pair of sunglasses right?  Well these are mine.  They are brighton "Spanish Lace".  The cost about 65.00 and I have had 2 pair.  They get lost at least 3 times a week but they faithfully return to the place were they belong on my nose.  I have had said pair of sunglasses for 5 or maybe 6 years...could be longer!

I am embarrassed to say that they are not even close to the most expensive pair I have owned. Rick has bought me several pairs of Ray Bans that I loved just as much but I think he decided that I was not worthy of Ray Bans because I he now has the first pair that he bought me in 1989 which were men's aviators.  He bought us matching sunglasses...cute no?  They just weren't my style so he bought me a pair of tortoise Ray Ban "Wayfarer" glasses like the ones Tom Cruise made famous in Risky Business.  Then about 10 years ago he bought me another pair this time the "Men in Black" edition of Ray Bans which I had a couple of you see a pattern here?  I loved those very much but one day when I was pulling into the garage at work I pulled them off to swipe my badge...of course in the same hand as my badge and I dropped them on the ground and they went under my car.  I pulled around to get out and get them and before I could get there a big red truck rolled right over them and I heard the crunch!  I guess that guy couldn' t figure out why that lady was jumping up and down and yelling stop...surely I didn't want him!  So I had cheap sunglasses that of course lasted forEVER until my very generous boss gave me a Brighton gift certificate for my birthday (in addition to this cute coin purse). 

 So I got the pretty Brighton Spanish Lace sunglasses I had admire so much for so long.  Well, about two years ago they came up missing...missing for a long, long time so I requested another pair for my birthday and got them.  Then within a week I found the first pair in the yard where they had fallen off my head where I am famous for storing them.  Now I have two pairs of Brighton Spanish Lace sunglasses and nothing can stop me now!  One of the happiest days of my life.  I apparently lost the 2nd pair in the same manner as the first because after Rick ran over them in the yard with the lawn mower, he brought the mangled sunglasses to me and said "are these yours?"  I still to this day have the original pair and I can tell because the tortoise was slightly different.  I have only had one pair of sunglasses longer and they lasted maybe 10 years and they were free with the purchase of Salem Ultra Light cigarettes (a dirty secret of my past to be discussed at a later date).  The worst part is they were  shaped like the big Ray Ban Wayfarers from the 80s but they were lime green and black...but I loved them!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last week was spring break and we had several fun adventures beginning with the Butterflies in the Garden exhibit at Botanic Garden Fort Worth. The exhibit was in an atrium that was at least 90 degrees and at least 98 percent humidity. Think Houston in May! The exhibit was breathtaking and very hard to catch on camera. Sadly after all the changes they go throught to become a butterfly they only live two weeks so we had to take special precautions not to touch them because it can cause damage.  If they land on your body you basically have to blow gently or wait until they decide to move on.  I am definitely inspired to plant some butterfly host plants as well as nectar plants to attract these beautiful creatures...make me think differently of the word insect.  Sydney had fun too! We went with my friend Tracey and her daughter Emma. 
Blue Morpha
Setting the newly hatched butterlies free...
One landed on Ali

...and on Sydney
...and on Tracey
And on this random girl...
My favorite picture...see the wing damage?
Hortense Longwing
Great Mormon
Pretty but I can't tell what kind they are.

After the butterflies we took the kids to play in the gardens and they had a blast...more pictures of that later. It was a busy week with visits to Aunt Donna's to see the kittens, Angel and Cindy and the Anderson family.  We wrapped the week up with a trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History (along with the rest of Fort Worth) and lunch at Joe T. Garcias where we met new friends and dined on the patio.  More on that later too.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sara and Bryan's Texas BBQ

Saturday night was our family barbeque at Randy and Melba's house (Rick's Cousin and Aunt and Uncle to Coco).  We always have super fun gatherings especially if we are at Randy and Melba's house or Mike and Tessie's (parent's to Coco and Bryan).  This party was in honor of Bryan and Sara and their coming in less than a month!
For background, I married into this family nearly 25 years ago and I love them all. My husband, Mike and Randy spent a lot of time together growing up. Long story short we spent a lot of time with Mike and Tessie when we first married and Coco and Bryan were 8 and 10 years old...right around the age Sydney is now. So I really got to watch them grow up and I will tell you up front that I always loved being around those two and would be a little disapointed if they were away at friends.  Since this post is about Bryan I should say that my first memory of him is his introduction to me that went something like this..."I am a Ninja"  "I'm really a Ninja and so is Andy" There has never been a sweeter boy on the face of the earth (other than my brother John). Courtney was arond 10 and just as sassy as my own girl is now.  In fact she was pretty much like she is now...without the wine.  Anyway those were good times and we still have good times. 

Barn/Bunkhouse behind Randy's house...perfect!

Coco and Tessie Mayes getting to know Sara's brother Mark.

Mark, Sara, Coco and Bryan

Future football star?

Sydney reading Bambi to Bram and Tessie Mayes...

A sweet grandmother/granddaughter moment

Sydney and her walking stick

Mike, Sara and Bryan...cute!
Bram, the final crash...notice the cake and dr. pepper!
Disclaimer...Coco and I do not normally give our kids cake and soda but it was a special day.  Sydney is now in love with Dr. Pepper and Tessie Mayes can now say "I want coke"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is nearly here!

How do I know that? Well, first of all it always comes soon after my birthday and here are a few more clues:

My Carolina Jasmines are bloomiing! This picture is from last spring but it looks the same today except for the blue sky!

It was nearly 80 degrees yesterday!

Spring Break is next week!

I have about 50 milliaon different types of birds in my yard! Well, not really about 10 though.

My yard has suddenly gone from dead to full of weeds. Time for the weed and feed!

Most importantly, my niece's cat Stella had her kittens Monday night. We went to see them yesterday. She is still a kitten herself but she is a good mama! Sydney REALLY wants the gray one! It looks like our long lost Stormy.

Belle in the naughty spot!  She wan't being bad, Sydney just put her in to take her picture and I don't know why.  Why do nine year olds do most of the things they do?

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Busy Birthday Week!

Last week I celebrated my birthday...all week! Things got drawn out because last weekend my brother's family was sick and then Sydney developed a cold and ear infection. She started feeling bad on Monday and by Wednesday I was sure she had another ear infection. This is at least 3 and maybe 4 in the past 12 months so I am thinking that maybe we need to see the ENT. Her pediatrician was off on Wednesday so we saw the nurse practitioner. Sydney doesn't really complain when she is sick or not feeling well or at least not anything specific. Okay that's enough about sick people!

We didn't go to church or a field trip to the zoo because of her ears and I am still hearing about all of the disappointments. We did sneak out to an early dinner one night with my friend Cindy who treated Sydney and I to Don Pablos (more mexican food).  It was really good and we got to have a chocolate volcano...yum!

By Thursday night she was able to go to dance and then on Friday we went to dinner with my mom, step dad, sister, brother, sister in law and niece! If you don't know of this place it is amazing and has grown and grown. Originally in a house you had to walk through the kitchen to get to the dining room when I was in high school. I remember walking past a huge vat of refried beans and thinking to myself "I don't think I can eat here". It is the best. Now they have room for 1000+ according to the website. It is a great piece of Fort Worth history. Also they totally believe in simple is better. They serve everything family style and there are 3 items on the menu enchiladas, chicken fajitas or beef fajitas. They all come with rice, beans, tacos, guacamole and nachos...that's it.

Mom, Cindy and John each gave me gift cards to my favorite store...

Yesterday we went to church and hung out at home the rest of the's rainy and cold anyway. Tomorrow is school and we are entertaining Angel in the afternoon while her mom takes care of some family business. Sydney is really looking forward to some playtime with someone, anyone other than me. I can't say that I blame her I have had her cold too and we have really gotten on each other's nerves this week. I am looking forward to's just around the corner! There are buds on my Carolina Jasmines!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to me! The big 5-0!

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  First, Thanks Coco for telling everyone I am 36...that's so sweet and I love you! It's a busy week and due to scheduling conflicts and stomach flu we are going to celebrate next weekend with my family.

This week we have a trip to the zoo on Thursday and lunch with Jill on Friday in addition to dance (2 evenings a week)and church.