Wednesday, August 26, 2009

9 Year Old Quote of the Day

"I'm going to have a little National Geographic with my breakfast!" Really? Who on earth can eat while watching that channel?

Friday, August 21, 2009

9 Year Old Quote of the Day

After asking my daughter if she ate her dinner she responded in the following manner "Mommy, I told you I ate too many Skittles"!

I have been sick today...she had access to a big box of Skittles like you get at the movies...oops!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It never ends!

I'm pretty sure that I washed my 1,000th load of beach towels last night.

Can anything good possibly come from putting your child in all day daycare?

Absolutely, if it's a friendship like this one! I think I have mentioned before that Sydney and Taryn met at pre-school at Westridge Church when they were 3 going on 4. Sydney and I were heading to the mall today to spend some more of her birthday money and she was really itching to go to Build A Bear. But not without first inviting Taryn to tag along. We picked her up and headed for our nearby mall. It a strange sort of mall with a Sears and a Neiman Marcus...I can't explain that but it is what it is and it's been there since I was in high school.

Here is the "Mall Crawl" as Taryn calls it.

Here they are in Dillard's men's department because that's where I park.

Walking into Build a Bear. They were holding hands but they broke free and picked up the pace on the approach to the store.

Sydney decided on a horse...Taryn decided she wanted to spend her money at another store. If you have not ever been to Build a Bear don't start! It's a cult and it's addictive!

In Claire's a store geared for pre-teens!

And border lining on the absurd! Really? Who would buy these?

As you can see 9 year old girls are goofy! The fishnet fingerless gloves kind of say it all. Well, that and the fake glasses. We had a great time and then we went swimming with another friend Angel so I got a nice visit with Cindy (Angel's mom) and brought home pizza from Mama's Pizza and Taryn decided to spend the night. That's 2 sleep overs in 3 days...pray for me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sleepover Fun with Griffin and Carter

These are the last few days of summer vacation so we decided to have a little fun with a couple of our oldest and best friends. For ages Jill and I have talked about Griffin and Carter coming to sleep over at our house. Last night Jill dropped off the boys for our fun adventure. I hope she got a little extra rest this morning.

We had sloppy joes for dinner last night and then pajamas were on by 7:30 and they were pretty well settled in by 8:30 for bed. Sydney was excited and restless and kept Grif awake for a while but once they got to sleep, they slept like little rocks.

Carter laying in my bed enjoying Bob the Builder while Sydney and Griffin made their own video.

Griffin all tucked into the couch. He slept there because as he put it "I'm a kicker and I don't want to keep the others awake". Little did he know it would be my daughter disturbing him...nothing seems to disturb Carter.

There they are all spread out in the den watching a little Noggin. Shortly after Sydney turned off the TV and put on some soft music and it was lights out. Everyone including Sydney was sleeping by 9:30.

Bacon and waffles for breakfast. I know Sydney enjoys having other kids around for a change.

Carter enjoying his breakfast.

Thank you Jill for sharing your boys with us...they are awesome and sweet and very well behaved. I enjoy having them here and they are always welcome.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Disapointing news for Clay...keep praying!

Here is the latest news from Anne regarding Clay:

There has been a change of plans – due to the wonderful world of insurance – as far as Clay’s surgery. He will need to wait until at least September 9th for the surgery. The person in charge of approving the insurance is out of town for the week. No one else will approve him having the surgery next week, so the hospital had to give away his time to someone else.

They will be leaving to drive back to South Carolina on Saturday – it is a two day trip. They will then, when approval is given, have to turn around and come back in September (we hope). The hope is that Clay does not worsen a lot between now and then.

As always, Amy asks that everyone please pray for patience and strength for them as they go through this waiting period. Clay is not taking the news terribly well, but says he can’t really do anything about it so…….

Thank you,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Prayer Request

I have a prayer request from Anne a very good friend of mine. Please pray for her nephew Clay. I don't know Clay personally but I have known his family since I was in middle school and trust me that was a long, long time ago (think Time in a Bottle and Crocodile see I told you it was long, long ago).

The note below is from an email Anne sent me...I have permission from her to post this.

Here are some pictures of my nephew, Clay, taken last night. He is in town
to hopefully have surgery next Wednesday at Cook's. If the insurance
approves, it will be Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, which is still pretty
new. He has Wilson's Disease, which is so rare that not many doctors know
what to do with it. Please pray for some change in his lifestyle. He has
become incapacitated within 2 years -- very frustrating for a now 19 year
I have also included a before picture to show what he looked like 2 years
ago, just before diagnosis.
Clay and at least his mom, Amy, will be here for an unknown amount of time
after surgery. The doctors have said he will need intense physical therapy
to hopefully get him walking again.

Here is Clay(right) with cousin Kevin (Anne's son) in 2007

Here is a recent picture of Clay with you can see the effects are devastating.

Puppy Love

Sydney singing "You Are My Sunshine" to Belle our 3 year old Shih-Tsu this morning! Belle has been in our family for 2 years and we love, love, love her. I am not a dog person but my hubby persuaded me to get Sydney a dog for her 7th birthday and his friend and co-worker Josh had just the right dog in mind. I was in the hospital with an emergency surgery when it was time for Belle to come to Texas from Arkansas. With all of the chaos of me being in the hospital for a week, Belle stayed at my moms for about a month while I recovered and while she was getting spayed etc. Consequently, she thinks my mom's house is home as well. Whenever we go out of town or have people working on our house, off she goes to Nana's. She goes crazy if you tell her we are going to Nana's house and she literally jumps into my mom's arms when she comes to my house. It's kind of like a circus act how high she can jump.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prayer Request Update

I just want to thank you all for your prayer for Charlie and Bob. I am please to say that both are doing well. Bob is home from the hospital and is working on healing from the heart surgery so he can get on with dealing with the cancer. Please keep him in your prayer going forward.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please pray for our friend Bob

Bob, a friend of our family and also Courtnay's step-dad has cancer and in preparing to treat the cancer, testing revealed a serious heart problem. He is having triple bypass surgery today. Once he has recovered from this, he will be able to be treated for the cancer. Please pray for his complete healing. Don't forget to lift up Courtnay and Judy as well.

I'm not even writing anything today!

Just please go to I really can't top this! involves my sweet Sydney.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The past week has been crazy busy!

Last Tuesday, on a continuation of her birthday celebration, Sydney and I set out on a trip to Coco's house and to Sea World San Antonio. The drive through the Texas hill country is interstate for us! We got to Coco's house and went to the amazing Bluebonnet Cafe where the chicken and dumplings are to die for and the Tuesday special and where the donuts are home made and the size of a plate! Of course Sydney had to have a donut but she also had bacon and eggs. We came home and made the famous rainbow cake. Wednesday we headed out to Sea World! We had a blast, the kids were great and we ate very expensive food. Lunch for Sydney and I was $36.00! We quickly decided that dinner could wait until we left the park. Went to Taco Bueno, a favorite of mine and Coco's where dinner for 5 was under $20.00...much better. We decided that next time and there will be a next time since we each bought a Fun Pass which is the same price as a one day ticket (don't know why other than they want you back to eat expensive food and drinks). Amazingly the the kids were cranky in the car coming home...we thought we would have a nice quiet drive home but 3 over tired kids whining and tattling all the way home. If you were blindfolded you would not be able to tell the 9 year old from the 2 or 4 year old...really! Sea World pics will follow someday soon after I retrieve my camera. Thursday we got up and made butter cream frosting for the cake and ate the very tall 6 layer rainbow cake...the 7th layer was green but it didn't make it.

Nine years old! After returning home, we had a birthday celebration with Angel at Don Pablos...all I can say is Chocolate Volcano! Well, and thanks Cindy for a fun and yummy lunch!

Over the weekend, Taryn came over and we swam, went to Purple Cow and had a sleep over in the playroom. Sunday I woke up with a wicked bad headache and stayed in bed late. Mom, it was bad, really bad (smile). VBS started on Sunday night and runs through Thursday.

My question is why would my daughter want to sleep on an air mattress (left from sleep over) rather than her comfy mattress with a memory foam topper AND feather bed on top of that...all wrapped up in velvet bedding? Her bed really does have a mattress that she hand picked, topped with a 2 inch memory foam and another layer of feather bed. If you know of the saga of getting her to sleep in her room then you understand. The air mattress is coming down today.

Finally, yesterday was spend with baby Charlie, his mom and sweet brothers! I finally got to spend some quality time with him and his was worth the wait! Jill took some cute pictures of Charlie and Sydney to be posted later!