Thursday, November 18, 2010

Master Bath Remodel

We have been renovating our house a room at a time since early June. Renovation can be scary but you need to look at it as an adventure. In the past we have replaced our patio, added a door and replaced our patio door...nothing too scary...well, there were a few moments during our patio replacement that were more crazy than scary considering our contractor's helper put his foot through our ceiling twice! Not really a big deal since Jason, our contractor fixed the problem quickly.  The other problem is that we had a full grown rooster running around the back yard that summer. That is a long and stupid story for another time but it involved baby chicks from Sydney's first grade class.

On to Rick's bath. When we made the decision to renovate, we started at the back of the house in the worst room ever built. There is only one word to describe our master bathroom...small, ugly and pink! Oh that 's three words isn't it.  It has been a problem we tried to work around our "vintage" bathroom but there is only one cure for this kind of ugly!  At the time our house was built in 1965 most homes didn't have what we now consider a "master bath". They were typically a shower, toilet and sink...think powder room with a shower. That's what we have and my husband is the primary user. I just tried to pretend it wasn't there. So this is where our adventure begins...

Pink shower with white trim from a previous repair
 I warned you it was ugly what you can't see here is the pink tiled floor. When we moved in there was carpet on the bathroom floor.  Don't get me started on how much bathroom carpet grosses me out!
 The beginning of the demolition derby
 Jason picked up a supervisor along the way...Romeo inspected every step of this project
 Ahhh...pretty and not one spec of pink! We started out with lighter grout and went to darker. Since this picture was taken we have colored the grout on the floor and it now matches the shower. Not much need for decorations since Rick uses this bathroom. Brown towels are all he really wants. And  I moved my Pottery Barn Pub mirror in there for him.
 Perfection! We do have a fabulous glass shower door but for some reason I don't have a photo.  Maybe later...I also just noticed this photo was before we painted the shower ceiling.
 A shower floor any man could appreciate
Jason put thesed cool inserts in for soap, shampoo etc....
After it was all said and done, we are thrilled with our newly renovated, bathroom complete with an exhaust fan (extremely emportant in this house)!

There you have it...we have also completed the hall bath renovation which was equally gross but in different ways.  We are 90% finished with the kitchen and it is a dream. The rest of the house involves new floors, removal of paneling and A LOT of painting. I will share the other bathroom with you soon.


  1. It's gorgeous! I can almost *smell* the fresh paint! Hurry up and post pictures of the kitchen!
    Love, SBW

  2. You have done wonderful transformations!! Keep up the hard work!! Love it!