Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recital 2011 or I really need to take a photography class!

Sydney's big dance recital was May 30th!  I took about 400 pictures and they mostly look like this:

This is ballet and it was last during dress rehearsal and apparently I bumped my camera and goofed up the settings. It was so dark I couldn't see the controls on my camera to fix it. I will bring a flashlight next year.  It was very disappointing. Hopefully the video will be here in a few weeks and we can find something a little better!

Here is a little better picture of her ballet...at least you can see how beautiful her costume is!

Here a picture of her tap pose at the end of the dance.  These were a little better than ballet but still I was too far away during dress rehearsal and no pictures are allowed during the actual performance. We still have to have her professional photos taken...somewhere...they didn't do them at the studio so we are kind of on our this year. The picture packages have gotten very expensive last year and a lot of parents protested and just didn't show up. This is sad because we like the group pictures too but only 3 of the 15 in her jazz class showed up for photos last year.

 Jazz...there is so much movement in this dance to "Walking on Sunshine" Lots of running, jumping twirling etc. Right up my girls alley!
  • Off to the eye doctor today for both of us
  • By the way, Sydney injured her elbow Saturday we thought it was broken.  It isn't but she will be out of swim team this week for sure.  The Dr. said after that she can resume activities as tolerated. That means yesterday was her first swim meet of the season and we didn't get to go.  She was sad but hurting so much it wasn't a huge factor. I hope she can get back soon.
  • Sydney won a solo part for Jam Camp and has her first practice tonight. Gulp! I would have never tried out for a solo...ever! I am really excited for her.
  • We are still finishing up school this year but taking off a few days. This totally blows my schedule that I had planned out so I have to make some changes to my lesson plans

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