Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5th Grade!

We started school on September 6th and we have been busy getting back into the routine.  Our late summer routine consisted of sleeping in and hanging out at home or with friends so the change of pace has been challenging but not too bad.

We are starting our 4th year homeschooling and it has gone by so fast. We start each year with pictures and of course a lot of posing!

5th grade attitude!

Time to start class. Each year our school room/playroom is looking less and less like the nursery it started out to be. I have managed to keep a few items like the pink plaid lamp and valance! It is also the original paint from her baby days. She can still fit her vintage desk painted by my friend Tracey and her mom Val when we first began home school.Tracey, Val and the desk are treasures!

Sydney is excited to begin 5th grade although she still reminds me that she should be in 6th because we held her back in pre-K due to her summer birthday. Will she ever get over it? Probably not!

 Handwriting is her least favorite subject but she is improving and some of her printing is better than mine. We touched on cursive a little last year and will resume later this year. I want her to have nice penmanship. That is a subject that many schools do not even teach now.

I love this lifestyle for our family and when I do get discouraged, I remember that God is restoring all of the time I missed with my daughter when I was working and she was in daycare.  That seems like a lifetime ago! I know we will have challenges this year...we always do but we always manage to work them out...sooner or later!


  1. Love, love, love the desk!

    And, I love that Sydney is still remdinding you about the 6th grade. :)

  2. We used to take photo at the start of each school year too. We loved homeschooling!