Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 4 My daughter's friendships...

 I found this picture and I had to share! Do you think her bow is big enough? That is Griffin Lain, the oldest of Jill's son's. I think he was maybe 18 months and Sydney was around 3.  They may have been younger. I am thankful that Sydney has friends since babyhood and they still get along well and enjoy each other even though they are getting to the age where boys and girls don't really like each other. I hope their friendship is always solid.

Bow head! I am sure that is what he is looking at and thinking..."glad I'm a boy! I wonder if that thing hurts?"

Here she is a few years later with baby Carter...

She also loves Charlie who is now 2!  I have a more recent pictures of him but I do love this one!

This is late because for some reason  I couldn't download my photos last night. Number 5 will be coming later today!

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