Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mayfest 2012!

This year Mayfest was HOT! I love the idea of Mayfest but just not actually being there when it's 95 degrees and 98% humidity. Just not a fan of summer weather under any circumstances but definitely not in the first week of May.  The parking and bus schedule left a lot to be desired and in the end Rick had to drop us off at the entrance and go back to remote parking and take the bus. He sprinted from the bus stop to the stage and made it the very second her dance started. 

 Sydney is second from the left and deep in concentration...she has laser sharp focus when she is dancing. She also rocked her high kick but I didn't have my good camera with me, just a Cannon point and shoot. I need a different camera bag if I'm going to take it places like this because it's way too heavy.

 Here she is from the back...second from right this time. Isn't the costume gorgeous! I can't wait to see it from the stage with the lights hitting it. I will be backstage again this year. I'm not really a stage mom but I do enjoy being with the girls and as long as she wants me there I had better take advantage of it.

After her dance with my beautiful mama! Sydney calls her my Nana. She really never has to share her but it's always been my Nana.  After this picture she changed into her shorts and tank top and was seriously sweating but ready to play. We bought our tickets and got a drink. While she was on her first ride, I thought to myself I should check the weather and there were storms moving in from the west. This is not something you ignore if you are at Mayfest and 45 minutes away from your car and another 30 minutes away from home. Large hail is a reality here in Texas especially in May. In 1981 we had grapefruit + sized hail in my backyard. Then in 1995 during Mayfest there was softball size hail and Rick and I were out in it looking for our then 16 year old Courtnay. Softball sized hail is scary! Anyway lots of people were injured including little dancers.  This year they called the festival off not long after we left. No hail this time but lots of lightning.

Now that the Mayfest performance is behind us, we will now focus on finishing school and recital.  I have not seen her lyrical dress yet but I hope it's as pretty art this one!

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