Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well it's about time!

Rick and I have been remodeling our house for EVER!  Now that we are done with the hard stuff, we turn to the very much needed replacement of our old sofa and chair. We bought the ones we have 16 years ago when we bought our home. They held up very well for about the first 10 years before the fabric began to disintegrate right before our eyes. Held together with duct tape and a quilt thrown over it to make sure that it lasted until all of the work was done. Anyway...we originally wanted leather, then we got scared, then I found one I loved and got scared again. We have 2 cats (de-clawed) and 1 dog. I went back to the furniture store and found some fabric sofas I really loved and last Monday took Rick to look at them. I showed him the original sofa and isn't it lovely? Well, guess what..he fell in love with it too. So here are the pieces that we chose from the Bernhardt line so it's good quality and should last a long time. Aren't they pretty?  They aren't in stock so it will be after Thanksgiving before they arrive but I am sooooo excited! We will have to get a light colored rug because we have a lot of dark...dark wood floors, dark entertainment center, dark kitchen get the picture?  Oh and they are so soft and comfy! Here are a few pictures of the Haverty's website...

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