Saturday, May 18, 2013

So Far This Spring!

We have been busy this spring! Time is flying by so fast and it's hard to believe that summer will be here before we know it!  Today was a hot and steamy reminder.

Last weekend Sydney and I went to the big Home School Book Fair in Arlington. We went on Saturday and it was crazy crowded but we had a great time. It's a nice reminder for those days when I feel lonely that I am in good company! We ran into friends we made in Colorado last summer who drove in from Amarillo. They weren't homeschooling until January of this year so we had no idea.

Sydney danced at Mayfest again this year (that's why she is wearing red lipstick). I have a new awesome camera bag and was so excited to try it out but I left my sd card in my computer and was unable to take decent pictures while she was dancing but got a few of the fair with my phone. The dance pics I took with my phone were too far away and to much glare. This lovely statue of Mark Twain is located in Trinity Park on the banks of the Trinity River near downtown Fort Worth. The river is the benefactor of this event.

Spring break fun at the park with the Lain boys and their cousin Shelby.

 Sydney got her braces. She will get the top ones this summer...not so happy!

 Last month we visited the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for the Titanic exhibit and Titanica show at the Omni Theatre. It was so good!  Here is my little fashionista by the water fountain.

After the museum we went to Central Market for gelato...yum! She likes soy chocolate (yuck) and blood orange (half and half). I like lemon cookie good!

 A special trip to Krispy Kreme...the shop in Fort Worth is closed so we drove to Arlington after nearly a year of promising!

At Krispy Kreme with Emma!

We baked and iced cookies for Easter.

...and St. Patrick's day cookies!

Foot Works Performing Arts Center 80s party with Emma.

Before party pics at Emma's house...

Today her dance studio Foot Works Performing Arts Center had an end of the year party...a Luau! This is Noel the cat getting into the mood for the party...he had a little help! I think he looks good, don't you?

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