Thursday, April 24, 2014

What? 2013 Recital!

I have to confess that I started this blog to document our homeschool journey and to document our lives in general. Based on what I found in my drafts I am not doing a less than stellar job! I never posted recital pics from last year. I had a draft but I never got around to doing it so I thought since her 2014 recital is less than a month away and she has already received her costumes for this year I would post my good intentions from last year!

Sydney performed in her dance recital for the 7th year in a row. I am amazed how much better the girls are each year. It has been so much fun to watch them grow up. Each year there are those who don't return and some new faces. Middle school seems to be the age where dancers lose interest, opt for cheer leading, don't have time for dance or decide to try dance for the first time! This year she was amazing! Of course, she doesn't think she was but I love watching her dance.

In the beginning we did professional photos as a studio but that stopped about 3 years ago.  We are not allowed to photograph the actual recital but we can take pictures during dress rehearsal. It is very dark in the auditorium and I always get my camera set just right and then set it down and mess up the settings.  I have two points here 1). I need a photography class 2). My pictures didn't turn out well. I brought a flash light thinking that may help but it didn't!

Jazz - "Keep the Party Jumpin " as you can see a little fuzzy!

Lyrical - "Good Mother" a little better…


 Hip Hop - "Girls Talkin' 'Bout" again…fuzzy. How cute would this have been?

 Ad in the official FWPAC program…

As you can see this is not from last year…it's from 2007 and it melts my heart 
every time I see it…sniff! My baby's first recital.

There will be more dance pics coming soon. Mayfest is in a couple of weeks!

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