Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year!

Since Thanksgiving our calendar has been crammed full of activities with friends and family.

 We started off the season with a trip to Six Flags for Holiday In The Park with Emma and her mom Tracey. As you can see by the way the girls are dressed it wasn't a super cold night. We had a blast and Tracey made a new friend in the Guest Services department!

 After Thanksgiving we took a trip to the Dallas Galleria for some shopping and fun with my mom, Kendall and her mom Michelle. We had so much fun and hated for it to end.

 As always our trip included a trip to the American Girl Store and a visit to Paradise Bakery for some awesome cookies. I am going to make a copycat version and I will let you know how they are.

 In early December we went to Casa Mañana to see a play called Santa Claus A New Musical. As always the production was fun and the kids loved it.  Sydney with her nephew Levi!
 After the play we went to Central Market for lunch and some friend and sister fun. This is Annie, our middle daughter.  It was a great day for sitting outside while Levi played on the playground.  Sydney and I spent many days there when she was little...I love being able to have a table to eat and watch the kids at the same time. It was Annie's first time but I'm sure she will be going back.

Our homeschool group had their annual skating and cookie party at a local skating rink!

Recital Flowers from my friend Tracey!

 Horsing around at South Cliff Baptist Church's Christmas program Where Shelby Anderson performed with her dance group Devotion In Motion.

 After 2 recitals we settled in for In And Out Burgers which Sydney loves and I tolerate.

 Sydney and her friends Brooke and Hope while waiting on Shelby to perform.

 When in Texas...

 Trying to find some good Christmas shots for cards and gifts. I dropped my Nikon camera at Mayfest of the bleachers and I haven't gotten the courage to take it to the camera shop to see how much the damage is. I think the camera is okay but it's the lens. 

 The week before Christmas was Sydney and Kendall's official Christmas celebration beginning at Zekes for fish and fried okra and mushrooms. Sydney doesn't care for fish so she had chicken. This place is a family favorite since the 70s.

 Oh Christmas Tree!

 My mad bow making skills! I love bow making during Christmas. It's relaxing and I can do it while watching a Christmas movie. My mom taught me how when I was a teenager and I have made them most Christmases of my adult life. When Sydney was young I resorted to stick on bows for a while but I really missed these beauties.

 Finally some cold air for the holidays! It didn't last and was back in the 80s last week.

 Sydney and Kendall going to see Moana. They both said it was really good.

Sydney and Kendall goofing around.

 Cookie decorating with the Anderson family! Every year Robin makes cookies and I make the icing and we meet at one of our houses for the kids to decorate cookies.  Such a sweet tradition that I hope we are able to continue when our kids are grown.

Sydney,  Garrett and Christopher were in the same kindergarten class and have been friends since. Emma is Christopher's little sister who is only a year younger and has alway been part of the group and usually the life of the party!

 View from my kitchen...calm before the storm!

My Christmas Belle...

Christmas morning fun!
Sydney finally got her phone!

 We wrapped our Christmas up on the 29th with Sydney's sisters, niece and nephew.

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