Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun with Carter and Charlie and Annie turns 25!

This post took a while because I got a new camera and just now loaded the software to get the pictures off my camera onto my computer!  I am not one to enjoy sitting down and reading directions so it took a little more than a week!
Last Friday was my first chance to baby sit baby Charlie!  I kept both of Jill's little boys while she and Griffin were off  at Grandparent's day at his school.  I have kept Carter many times in his four years so he is quite comfortable at my house and was loving not having to share Sydney with his older brother!  Here is a rundown of the day.
Charlie, in his usual state...happy as a clam

Sydney and Carter not wanting to have their picture taken...can you tell?

Carter painting one of four pictures.

Sydney with her paintbrush...happier now!

Charlie fed, burped, changed and happy!
When Jill and Griffin came back the real fun started.  Sydney, Griffin and Carter made a carnival in her playroom.  Carter was not so happy to have to share Sydney but they did okay.  It was a full, fun day for all of us.  Jill and Griffin stayed for dinner and we all had a nice visit. The minute Charlie was out of the house Noel the cat did this.  Why do cats think baby beds are for them?  So I had to pack up the pack and play before going to bed.

Saturday was another big day for us.  Annie turned 25!  Yikes!  We celebrated by going to Olive Garden with the sisters and Michael, Annie's 4 year old son.
Courtnay (left) and Annie the birthday girl.  We left Olive Garden and went back to Annie's grandmother's house for homemade cherry pie and it was yummy!


  1. Found you on Kelly's Korner and thought I would say hello! You have a beautiful family!!

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    If you are ever interested in a new blog design, I would love to work with you!

  2. The boys had SO MUCH fun with you last week. Carter asked me yesterday if he was coming back to play with Sydney again since it was Friday. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thanks to the Shack for bringing us together!!!

  3. Cats DO think baby beds are for them! Too funny.
    Love the pic of Sydney and Carter NOT wanting their pic taken!

  4. Look how much Courtnay and Annie look alike in that picture!

    And baby Charlie looks as healthy and as fat and loveable as can be.