Monday, November 2, 2009

Sweet Memories

My scanner is finally working!  I have no idea what was wrong with it or how I fixed it, but it is working now!  I had planned to post these prior to Halloween but the technology in my house didn't cooperate so here goes.

Three months old and dressed for her first trip to the Galleria in Dallas.

One year old and not liking the hot costume. She wore the same costume when she was 2.

Age three...Here froggy may have seen Preston wearing this a few weeks ago.  She was sick with the stomach flu in 2004 and didn't get to wear this costume again!  This picture was taken minutes before she stripped out of the costume to her underwear right in the church parking lot because it was nearly 80 is not unusual to have pretty hot weather in N. Texas on Halloween.

Sweet princess at age 5

Again, age 5 with 4 month old nephew Michael...he has on her baby costume but we had to squeeze him into it for photos! Annie's friends wanted her to dress him up as Charlie Brown...see the likeness?

Age 6 princess again...this is Erica from Barbie's Princess and the Pauper with best friend ever Taryn.

These are the ones I can find...she was a cat at age 7 and a Zebra at age 8.  If I ever find those pics I will post them. I may not have any because I was working booths both years for the women's ministry. 


  1. So fun to see those. She was such a pretty baby. Of course still pretty but such a beautiful baby.

  2. How cute are these pics?! Love the ladybug costume. And baby Michael would have been the perfect Charlie Brown!