Thursday, February 4, 2010

High 5!!!

The scales have finally moved...down a total of 6 lbs in 3 weeks!  Also I have not had anything from Taco Bueno in over a you think there could be a connection?  Sydney and I are meeting my friend Tracy and her daughter for dinner tomorrow at Olive Garden.  The breadsticks are killer and I have discovered that the salad isn't so healthy either.  I'm not really a dessert person so I have that going for me.  Oh and I can't stand the mints they give you so I'm good!

I need to brag on my sweet Sydney today too.  Yesterday she did 2 days worth of school so we could have the day off.  She went to her Nana's and I stayed home and rested, cleaned up the aftermath of being sick for a week.  So thanks Mom and Sydney for the break!  Love you both. 


  1. Way to go Sydney and Mom! So, so great about the weight loss. Keep it up, hot mama!

  2. Way to go Mama Sue! Taco Bueno might be the culprit... :) I LOVE Taco Bell's nachos. They're SO bad for you. Ugh. Why is everything so yummy so full of yucky?
    Congrats--keep at it!

  3. YIPPEE!!! How about you ONLY eat Taco Bueno with me? Then you will crave it as I do. Plan? Plan.

    If you just eat the salad at OG, you will be fine. Just no croutons or breadsticks. Promise.

    Keep at it!