Monday, February 1, 2010

No Weight Change!

Maybe I boasted a little too much about the five pounds I lost last week but for some reason the scale has been flat.  I know I haven't tracked my points like I should have and we had a really busy week which always messes me up.  There was a death in our extended family, we had 3 doctor appointments and am taking medicine for strep throat and a sinus infection plus a suspected respiratory virus. Yeah, I'm in good shape.  Today I am feeling better but I had cinnamon toast for breakfast but only a half piece.  I know that being on medicine plus a hectic schedule kicks my appetite into high gear.  Add to that a funeral feast and I'm amazed I didn't gain a pound or two.  It was nice to get on the scales at the doctor's office and not cringe...well, I still cringe but with a smile because my weight was less than before.  The last time that I had a check up my doctor and I talked about exercise and how after 3 surgeries in a 16 months I was being very careful what I lifted.  His response was "I see you didn't have any trouble lifing your fork".  That would have made some folks angry or cry but it did make me laugh because he was so right.  After my first surgery I lost 20 lbs due to a liquid diet, then a soft diet and just being afraid of eating (which I overcame). That 20 lbs was a real eye opener because my blood pressure was back to normal without meds.  I am also at risk for adult onset diabetes because I had gestational diabetes. This is a health issue and not a vanity issue for me.  All that to say this is a new week and I am feeling better and I am working on better planning. I was planning to add the treadmill in last week but that will probably not happen until next week.  I also need some really good stomach exercises because after 3 abdominal surgeries and a c-section my abs are super shot.


  1. THERE IS NO EXCUSE NOT TO TRACK YOUR POINTS!!!!! You can do it, you have to. I don't want you to have diabetes, I love you way to much!!!

  2. Still recovering from what the doctor said! You have a great attitude.

    You can do it!