Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little Spring Break Fun!

First of all...meet Lil' Joe our newest yard guest! He arrived a couple of weeks ago and won't go away! We have a very unresponsive animal control department (1 person) in our community. I guess he was on spring break as well. Our community has an animal rescue so eventually he will be adopted to a good family. He is super sweet but has an extremely annoying voice...I think he is of Siamese ancestry! I suspect he was dumped in our neighborhood because he is not at all afraid of humans and seems to know what "inside" is. I tried ignoring him but I can't swing that since I love cats. I am not up for more neutering, shots and declawing and quite frankly I can't fit one more animal in my bed! So we will enjoy him until he has a home.

During spring break we went to the park with some of our homeschool group friends.  The top row is Brook and Sarah, the front row is Grace, Sydney and Shelby. There were also the boys Preston, Frank and Blake but they didn't stop to have their pictures made...imagine that! I have to say this is one of the prettiest group of girls I have ever seen.

After the park we went for ice cream with the whole crowd. Mamas at another table. From left to right is Blake, Preston, Frank, Sydney, Brook, Sarah, Grace and Shelby.
I have to ask this question...do cats ever stop licking? At least Romeo doesn't seem to...even with Pillow Pets and Build  A Bear friends watching...oh well, I guess he's among friends! He loves Sydney's bed because it's so soft...mattress, memory foam topper, feather bed topped with a velvet comforter...nice!

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