Friday, December 23, 2011

All Aboard the Polar Express!!

Every year we have a little Christmas celebration with our friends the Andersons! Sometimes we just get together, other times the kids make and decorate cookies. This year our plan all along was for the kids to decorate cookies, watch Polar Express and have hot chocolate. Because of family obligations on both sides we opted to have snacks, hot chocolate and watch Polar Express and for the children to have a gift exchange. Wednesday we all gathered at our house to the festivities!

Sydney playing Santa. She has had that Santa hat since she was 2 and in daycare at the YMCA. They had a precious performance and Sydney played and sang Jingle Bells. All of the 2 year old babies had little instruments and they were so cute and amazingly cooperative. Sydney has been in love with being on stage since then:)

 A Narnia movie and stuffed zebra as well as a Bambi necklace and ring...Sydney loves all of her gifts

 Preston, relaxing and watching the movie...he's always the only boy but he handles it well.

Except when he gets the was so funny to watch him cracking up...don't remember why now.

Shelby watching the movie very quietly and got up to sit by mom during the parts she didn't like.

 We did get our hot chocolate, homemade fudge, chocolate chip cookies and other goodies.  Robin and I have had so much fun over the years watching our kids grow and their friendships blossom and change over the years.This has been a wonderful tradition.

My shopping is all finished and I have a ton of things to to work.

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  1. Sue, just wanted you to know I love your comments on my blog - but can't respond to them because you've got your e-mail response thing blocked. There's a way to undo that if you want to, but no pressure! Your last comment made me laugh!... thank you.