Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Thoughts

I started this post a few weeks ago after meeting my new cousin Colton. A few days after I met him for the first time he got sick...really sick. Like a 3 week old with meningitis sick. He has been in the hospital for a week and a half and they expect him to be there for a total of 3 weeks. He is doing better but the recovery is long especially for one so young. He and his family are precious to me. His grandmother is my 1st cousin who is like a sister in many ways to me and it seems like yesterday when his mom was born.

Sydney and Colton

So far we are having a busy new year:

I am recovering from a nasty sinus infection probably due in part to the crazy Texas weather!

Last year we completed the remodel of our home and were content to sit back and enjoy the fruits of Jason's labor. We are beginning to think about the next step which is a few built-in pieces namely a desk for me and a cabinet/shelf/banquette combo for our breakfast room. We installed new flooring in every room last year which meant emptying said rooms. This was a great opportunity for purging stuff. I am ready to do more of that.

Tomorrow I am going to Ikea with mom and daughter to get desks for our mini playroom/schoolroom/sewing room makeover. Daughter isn't thrilled about having to share her playroom with me but my sewing hiatus is about to end . I have a really nice sewing cabinet with and electric lift etc. that I got about 25 years ago and I just really don't like it. I want my machine to just be available to me. Besides, I can count on 1 hand the things I have sewn since moving into this house 15 years ago. Before that I almost always had some sort of sewing craft, clothes etc. going on. So we will see where this goes! For instance I have fabric and a pattern for a cover for my Kitchen Aid best friend! My husband bought this mixer for me in 1989 or so and they only had white at the time. Well, I would love to have a red one, but for now  I will just cover it. Robin, this will happen, just wait and see! My husband offered to spray paint thanks! So I am going to make a really cute cover for will be exceptionally cute!

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