Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kids Fashion...a.k.a. I don't get out much!

Yesterday, I made a quick trip to Dillards to get stockings for my daughter.  I found lots of things I was not expecting! I want to start by saying Sperry Top-Siders are back in a big way! I had heard this last year but didn't give it much thought. Let's just say they are not your mother's top-siders from the eighties either...or from when I was in college in the early eighties.  Dillards has 70 styles of top-siders just in the children's department.  Here are a few...

 I bought these cute leopard shoes for Sydney...aren't they cute! 
Hard to tell in the photo but they also have sequins!
I also  found these darling jeans and I thought how cute! Then I looked at the tag...$76.00 for girls jeans.Seriously, people really buy these? I think the most expensive jeans Sydney ever owned either came from Gap or Gymboree. These are blue jeans people! Is it just me or is this pure insanity?

I did find a great deal on socks for me though. I got 3 pair for 7.50! Never got the stockings I went in after because they were out. So I guess she will be wearing Wal-Mart specials!

Tomorrow is our annual Daddy/Daughter date night at our church. We bought Sydney a dress for Christmas and a coat. Guess what? We forgot to get tickets until it was sold out! Anyway, I was able to find ticket from a sympathetic friend who as it turns out isn't going. There will be pictures to come early next week.


  1. LOVE that those shoes are coming back! I've always love them.

  2. Those shoes are super cute! Jeans are so expensive these days.

  3. I have a 12yo daughter and we always buy from the clearance bins of delias (online). :) i can't believe that clothes are so expensive!!

  4. I too don't understand why kids clothes are so expensive. Most of our daughter's clothes come from Target, Gap or Zara. She's only 9 months old so I haven't had to truly experience high priced clothing just yet. As for the shoes I love them!