Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our School Days So Far

We always start school the Tuesday after Labor Day. By the time we get back from Colorado, unpack and settle in it just feels like we need a little more free time.  This summer was especially busy and we needed to chill and get organized before starting school.

It always amazes me how eager she is to get started and how well she adapts to the change in schedule. Me, not so much!  I don't have a problem getting up in the mornings but I do have a problem with getting moving! 

Sydney had a darling school desk that was a gift from my friend Tracey when we started homeschooling. She is so sweet and talented! Sydney treasures this desk and will be able to use it at least another year.  Tracey was my first mom friend when Sydney started school at TCA and it meant so much to me for Tracey to want to be a part of starting up our home school. 

 1st day of school 2012.

 Nosey Noel! Why do cats have to try out every surface in the house?

I hope everyone else is having good school days.

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