Monday, September 24, 2012

So Long Summer, Hello Fall!

...and I am so glad it's behind us even though we are still having highs in the 90s, cooler weather will get here sooner or later!


So we had a busy and eventful summer just like everyone I know.  In June we started swim team for the 4th year...epic fail! Sydney hates it and I force her to do it and it's kind or torture for me as well. It was 106 degrees for our first swim meet and I was sick for 3 days after!  Practice is Tuesday through Friday from 3:30 to 5:30 (refer to temperature mentioned above) with meets on Monday.  In June we put my father in law in Hospice and he passed away on Father's Day so we only went to one swim meet plus the championship. I might add that was more than enough for me Next summer she will be doing dance or gymnastics...something we can both enjoy!

July brought Sydney's 12th birthday and Jam Camp number four!  Jam Camp is a music and drama camp our church puts on and it is superb!  It was the last week of July but we has rehearsals for her singing and speaking parts a few times a week for most of July. This is probably besides Christmas and her birthday Sydneys' favorite event of the year!

Early August, the day after Jam Camp ended we left for beautiful Colorado (Fun Valley). Ahh!  I can't say enough about this place! Temps in the 50s for this Texas gal were like heaven! We also squeezed in a trip to the American Girl store  and ice skating at the Dallas Galleria with bestie Taryn.

Fort Worth has a wonderful museum of Science and History and we frequently go with my bestie Jill and her 3 boys! The kiddos spent most of their time in this room creating. There were these amazing quotes hanging from the pics were taken with my phone so they aren't the best.

We started school on September 4th and it is amazing this year. Sydney is in 6th grade and is actually reading on her grade level! She has worked so hard to achieve this goal over the past few years. Now we need to double down and see if we can get the same results in math and spelling! The funny thing is that my personal goal was to have her reading on grade level by middle school so it's big for both of us!

Homeschool Princess! Love the dress code! Glad you can't see what I was wearing!
Sydney has always wanted a locker so we found this at Ikea!

In the meanwhile I have had a little more face lift work done on my house and I will share those pics soon! I have to dig around and find before pics and they are all over the place. I will also do a separate post about our vacation!

How was your summer?

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