Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It is over! There are not words to describe 16 sugar amped 6-8 year old girls. Last night was Sydney's recital and it lasted FOREVER! We arrived at Will Rogers Auditorium at 5:45. That is when I realized that I forgot her hat for her 1st number. My sweet hubby ran home and got it for me. There was the mass confusion and emotions that surround this many girls who are excited, nervous and sugar amped. There was drama, drama, drama. Costume changes...I've already mentioned the joys of putting tights on sweaty children in a previous post. Oh and taking them all to the bathroom...more of the tights fun. We left at 10:15 p.m. That is 4 hours and 30 minutes! All of the dances were perfection though. The last number for my group was tap..."Turn the Beat Around" and as we were leaving the dressing room Sydney burst into tears and said she was too afraid to go back on the stage. She was clinging to me and crying. By the time we were up the many stairs to back stage she was better and with a Skittle or 2 she was all better. She knew the dance so I think she was crashing from the sugar and all of the excitement and she is normally sleeping by 8:30 and it was 9:15.

Thankfully, we only have one recital each year and a performance at Christmas (at the mall). That one is fun because they get Christmas sweatshirts and wear jazz pants. A little makeup, Christmas socks and a Christmas bow and you are good to go. Plus it's at the mall...and each parent has to be responsible for their own child. Then there is Mayfest which is kind of a pre-dress rehearsal for the recital. This year is was cancelled because of the Swine flu...remember the Swine Flu?

Here is a progression of our day in preparation for the big event!

First you sleep in sponge rollers for the curly pony tail that Mrs. Janet requested. You wake up and watch cartoons after breakfast.

You stretch by doing a back bend...somehow it takes the edge off between reading and math.

You try on your new sneakers. She has been wanting "Hip Hop" shoes for ages because this is what the bigger girls who take hip hop dance wear. Pink of course!

Take out the sponge rollers and use a half can of Aqua Net.

Get on the computer and other activities that don't mess up the curls.

Smile for the camera. My daughter actually wants to be on Toddlers and Tiaras! She told me she could easily beat those girls. LORD! Help me.

All ready to go on stage...this is her game face!


  1. Ashley says: "She looks so *beautiful* in those pictures. I wish I was there."

    Ash's dance program was discontinued last year and we doubled up on gymnastics. . . but oh! how she and I both miss recital!

    Congratulations Sydney!! Can't wait to see scans of the professional pics/ballet costume!

  2. I just love that girl!!! Glad to see you actually got some curls in that thick hair.