Sunday, May 17, 2009

Something Old, Something New

Rick and I have a couple who we have been friends with since before we were married. They are Jerry and Carolyn.

At the time we met, they had one 8 year old daughter named Sherilyn who is now grown with three kids of her own. They were expecting David at the time and years later Kenneth joined the family. Jerry and Carolyn are the kind of people who are "salt and light" and I am so thankful for theirs and Sherilyn's friendship. I don't include the boys because I haven't been around them very much. Last night we gathered to honor the marriage of their son David at his wedding. The wedding was at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens in the "Perennial Garden" If you know about plants then you know that is the appropriate garden to start a marriage. The reception was at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants (and if you know me you also know that I really love them all) Los Vaqueros located in the historical Fort Worth Stock Yards area.

I worked with Jerry at a company in Dallas and early in our marriage Rick and I were going through some really hard times and my introduction with Caroyn was Jerry coming into my office and telling me that "my wife is on the phone and she would like to know if she can pray with you". WOW! If all relationships started off that way there would be no enemies. Now after 25 years (over half of my life), mine and Sherilyn's little girls have become fast friends.

So here's to Sydney and Ashley and the next generation of this friendship!

Here are our girls along with the flower girl...they were so girly! I don't know the flower girl's name but I did over hear a conversation with her and Sydney at the cute and sweet and GIRLY!

Sydney: You are so lucky to be a flower girl...I love your dress.

Flower Girl: Thanks, your skirt is soooo cute!

I could just die from the all the cuteness of it all. Sometimes there is nothing like a little girl.

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  1. I LOVE Sydney's outfit. I want it for myself.

    Sounds like a wonderful couple.