Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Perfection...

Sydney and I spent the afternoon with cousin Coco yesterday. We went to Purple Cow with a very tired 2 year old Tessie Mayes and a very excited 4 year old Bram. The food was great and the company was even better. After eating we headed out to Weatherford to swim at Gran T and Mikey's house. It was awesome mommy time! Tessie Mayes napped for 3 and a half hours while Sydney and Bram played in the pool together. Coco and I sat by the pool (in the shade) and drank enormous amounts of water and talked and watched the kids play. When the kids had enough we came in and consumed a ridiculous amount of Fritos and onion dip with Mikey. In the mean while we waited for Bryan and Sarah to arrive so we could head to Mary's for our summer dinner feast! Fun stuff took place during the time between swimming and leaving for dinner. If you follow Coco's blog you know that she has mentioned her almost 2 year old daughter Tessie Mayes is a make-up bandit and she has had to hide hers. She has also learned after Bram and the Sharpie on the wall incident that when Sydney says "Coco, I think you need to come in here, like right now" we run, not walk to the kids. Now my daughter doesn't ever have trouble tattling on her peers but she really struggles with ratting out little kids. It makes her feel strangely grown up and sad at the same time.!

No comment needed...

Yes you guessed it! Baby girl got into her grandmother's lipstick and it was all over her. This pictures really doesn't do it justice...she also looks happy here. Trust me, she was not! Lot's of screaming and crying ensued.

Gran-T to the rescue...

After the bath was over Sydney, Bram and Tessie Mayes settled in for Popsicles in front of the TV. I took this picture because Bram was in the middle but Tessie Mayes wanted to sit in between them so she wedged herself in.

We finally did make it to Mary's for dinner and a great time was had by all. The reason Bram is not pictured here is because he fell asleep on the couch so he stayed home with Mikey while we went to eat.

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  1. It was SUCH a good day!!! I can't wait for y'all to come down.