Monday, July 27, 2009

I am the mother of a 9 year old!!

Wow, I can't believe that 9 years ago today Sydney Leigh came into our lives! She was a tiny thing 5 lbs and 8 oz and only a little over 17 inches long and she was perfection! Totally beautiful from head to toe! I could see glimpses of everyone I love in her little being and I was completely amazed and thankful that she made it here safely. I'm even more thankful now after the events of the past two weeks. I am completely amazed at how something can be so strong and resilient and fragile all at the same time. From the first minute we were head over heals in love with her as were her grandparents and sisters, aunts,uncles and she had 3 great grandparents living when she was born. I wouldn't trade one single second of it for anything!

We had a quiet celebration at home tonight and that was really nice not to go to Chuck E. Cheese or some other equally crazy place. Tomorrow we leave to go visit cousin Coco in the hill country of Texas and to Sea World with her little wierdos (her word, not mine). I will have pictures when we get back.

I found this picture and had to share it...totally captures the spirit of my daughter...just turned 2 and bursting on the fashion scene! Notice the onsie, high heals and corn dog! What a creation and quite confident I might add!


  1. Happy Birthday my sweet Sydney!! Griffin loves you so much...he is blessed to have you as a friend. And I've been blessed to know you and your amazing mom since you were born. Have fun at Sea World!! Love you bunches.

  2. We are so excited!!! See y'all in just a few hours.

  3. Awww..that brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy remember that day she came into this world! Love you Syd! xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday Sydney! ~ From your biggest fans in Austin!