Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookie Party, Chili Dinner

Yesterday was such a fun day! Sydney and I started out with lunch at Taco Bueno...our favorite.  Then on to my friend Robin's house for cookie decorating and a chili dinner.  Her 3 kids and Sydney all play together so well when we get together so we get to have quality mommy time with each other.  When you homeschool your mommy friends become especially important and so dear.

We started off with a present exchange with Brooke, Preston, Shelby and Sydney...we need teach them to slow down and enjoy the moment a little better but at this age, it's just too hard to slow down and savor the moment.

A flurry of ripping open gifts!

Oh! I wanted these so bad! Says Shelby about her Dora bubble sweet.

And Preston loved his Spiderman bubbles too! Check out the dimples.

Cookie decorating is serious business...

...and so is eathing them!

more dimples...

Sweet Shelby and yes, the whole family has dimples

The finished products!  Yummy!

We finished off the evening with a chili dinner prepared by Robin's husband Kevin.  By the way, they both have dimples just like their kiddos!  We were joined by my hubby Rick and our friends Jacob, Rhonda and their sweet little Kaylene.  We had way too much fun.  Sydney and I arrived at their house around 1:00 and left about 9:00 and not one meltdown...not even the 3 year olds!  We were in heaven!  To top it off, Sydney spent the night with Brooke and they went to Mrs. Baird's bakery to see Santa today!  Sydney had a blast but I think by nightime she will be worn completely out...I sure am.

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  1. How fun! I love Shelby's comment about the bubbles. So sweet to see little ones excited about gifts.
    Glad you all had fun! Love the pics!