Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dancing and Big Sis

Sydney and I had us some weekend fun!  First there was her Christmas dance recital that was held at a local church.  Then Saturday night we stayed with her big sister Courtnay who just had foot surgery.  It was fun to stay at Courtnay's house because it reminded me of all the weekends she and her sister spent with Rick and I when they were little.  We were broke back then so there was always Mr. Jim's Pizza and movies from Take it Home video store up the street.  We always manged to have a good time and now we have some awesome memories.

Sydney strikes a pre-show pose


Playing Wii at Courtnay's

We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast (from a can)

Courtnay's dog Diablo


  1. Cute pics! Love jazzy Sydney in the first dance pic.
    And cinnamon rolls from the can are my favorite guilty pleasure!

  2. Mr Jims!!! LOVE Mr Jims!!

    Love the jazz hands, cute, cute, cute!!

    And Courtnay's apt looks fabulous, of course.