Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunglasses...always a saga!

Everyone has a favorite pair of sunglasses right?  Well these are mine.  They are brighton "Spanish Lace".  The cost about 65.00 and I have had 2 pair.  They get lost at least 3 times a week but they faithfully return to the place were they belong on my nose.  I have had said pair of sunglasses for 5 or maybe 6 years...could be longer!

I am embarrassed to say that they are not even close to the most expensive pair I have owned. Rick has bought me several pairs of Ray Bans that I loved just as much but I think he decided that I was not worthy of Ray Bans because I he now has the first pair that he bought me in 1989 which were men's aviators.  He bought us matching sunglasses...cute no?  They just weren't my style so he bought me a pair of tortoise Ray Ban "Wayfarer" glasses like the ones Tom Cruise made famous in Risky Business.  Then about 10 years ago he bought me another pair this time the "Men in Black" edition of Ray Bans which I had a couple of you see a pattern here?  I loved those very much but one day when I was pulling into the garage at work I pulled them off to swipe my badge...of course in the same hand as my badge and I dropped them on the ground and they went under my car.  I pulled around to get out and get them and before I could get there a big red truck rolled right over them and I heard the crunch!  I guess that guy couldn' t figure out why that lady was jumping up and down and yelling stop...surely I didn't want him!  So I had cheap sunglasses that of course lasted forEVER until my very generous boss gave me a Brighton gift certificate for my birthday (in addition to this cute coin purse). 

 So I got the pretty Brighton Spanish Lace sunglasses I had admire so much for so long.  Well, about two years ago they came up missing...missing for a long, long time so I requested another pair for my birthday and got them.  Then within a week I found the first pair in the yard where they had fallen off my head where I am famous for storing them.  Now I have two pairs of Brighton Spanish Lace sunglasses and nothing can stop me now!  One of the happiest days of my life.  I apparently lost the 2nd pair in the same manner as the first because after Rick ran over them in the yard with the lawn mower, he brought the mangled sunglasses to me and said "are these yours?"  I still to this day have the original pair and I can tell because the tortoise was slightly different.  I have only had one pair of sunglasses longer and they lasted maybe 10 years and they were free with the purchase of Salem Ultra Light cigarettes (a dirty secret of my past to be discussed at a later date).  The worst part is they were  shaped like the big Ray Ban Wayfarers from the 80s but they were lime green and black...but I loved them!


  1. Too funny! I too have a had an insane amount of sunglasses. The nicest ones always get stepped me.
    Love the story about the guy in the truck. Poor you!
    Just got a pair of wayfarers. Bringin em back!

  2. I've tried probably a hundred times, but never have been able to keep up with any pair of sunglasses. I wish I was one of you neat people who had a favorite pair. The closest thing I've ever had is a favorite head-band. It looked like a chain-link, and I wore that thing until it was caked over with hairspray and positively green from oxidation. . . .and I kept on wearing it regardless of its appearance until it finally broke. But I kept up with it so well for so long. . . maybe it is time to try sunglasses again :)

  3. Hilarious! I am the same way about sunglasses. I spend a buttload on them. The expensive ones are the only ones that I find comfortable.


    Can you believe we will be in Louisiana in just a week and a half!!!