Monday, March 8, 2010

My Busy Birthday Week!

Last week I celebrated my birthday...all week! Things got drawn out because last weekend my brother's family was sick and then Sydney developed a cold and ear infection. She started feeling bad on Monday and by Wednesday I was sure she had another ear infection. This is at least 3 and maybe 4 in the past 12 months so I am thinking that maybe we need to see the ENT. Her pediatrician was off on Wednesday so we saw the nurse practitioner. Sydney doesn't really complain when she is sick or not feeling well or at least not anything specific. Okay that's enough about sick people!

We didn't go to church or a field trip to the zoo because of her ears and I am still hearing about all of the disappointments. We did sneak out to an early dinner one night with my friend Cindy who treated Sydney and I to Don Pablos (more mexican food).  It was really good and we got to have a chocolate volcano...yum!

By Thursday night she was able to go to dance and then on Friday we went to dinner with my mom, step dad, sister, brother, sister in law and niece! If you don't know of this place it is amazing and has grown and grown. Originally in a house you had to walk through the kitchen to get to the dining room when I was in high school. I remember walking past a huge vat of refried beans and thinking to myself "I don't think I can eat here". It is the best. Now they have room for 1000+ according to the website. It is a great piece of Fort Worth history. Also they totally believe in simple is better. They serve everything family style and there are 3 items on the menu enchiladas, chicken fajitas or beef fajitas. They all come with rice, beans, tacos, guacamole and nachos...that's it.

Mom, Cindy and John each gave me gift cards to my favorite store...

Yesterday we went to church and hung out at home the rest of the's rainy and cold anyway. Tomorrow is school and we are entertaining Angel in the afternoon while her mom takes care of some family business. Sydney is really looking forward to some playtime with someone, anyone other than me. I can't say that I blame her I have had her cold too and we have really gotten on each other's nerves this week. I am looking forward to's just around the corner! There are buds on my Carolina Jasmines!

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