Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sara and Bryan's Texas BBQ

Saturday night was our family barbeque at Randy and Melba's house (Rick's Cousin and Aunt and Uncle to Coco).  We always have super fun gatherings especially if we are at Randy and Melba's house or Mike and Tessie's (parent's to Coco and Bryan).  This party was in honor of Bryan and Sara and their engagement...wedding coming in less than a month!
For background, I married into this family nearly 25 years ago and I love them all. My husband, Mike and Randy spent a lot of time together growing up. Long story short we spent a lot of time with Mike and Tessie when we first married and Coco and Bryan were little...like 8 and 10 years old...right around the age Sydney is now. So I really got to watch them grow up and I will tell you up front that I always loved being around those two and would be a little disapointed if they were away at friends.  Since this post is about Bryan I should say that my first memory of him is his introduction to me that went something like this..."I am a Ninja"  "I'm really a Ninja and so is Andy" There has never been a sweeter boy on the face of the earth (other than my brother John). Courtney was arond 10 and just as sassy as my own girl is now.  In fact she was pretty much like she is now...without the wine.  Anyway those were good times and we still have good times. 

Barn/Bunkhouse behind Randy's house...perfect!

Coco and Tessie Mayes getting to know Sara's brother Mark.

Mark, Sara, Coco and Bryan

Future football star?

Sydney reading Bambi to Bram and Tessie Mayes...

A sweet grandmother/granddaughter moment

Sydney and her walking stick

Mike, Sara and Bryan...cute!
Bram, the final crash...notice the cake and dr. pepper!
Disclaimer...Coco and I do not normally give our kids cake and soda but it was a special day.  Sydney is now in love with Dr. Pepper and Tessie Mayes can now say "I want coke"


  1. Great pictures!! What a fun night. I love you too and have wonderful memories growing up, so glad now we are friends as well as family!

    And no, we do not give our kids sodas but boy did they have their share on Saturday night.

    Can't wait for the wedding!!

  2. I LOVE the pic with Bram, Tessie Mayes, and Sydney. Bambi? Too precious!!!! What a sweet girl she is :)

  3. It was so good to meet and you and Sydney on Friday!! Is it horrible that I'm already craving Joe T's again? I'm pathetic.