Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A change of venue....where does the time go?

Once upon a time my daughter and I homeschooled in her playroom. It was nice, we had everything at our fingertips and a nice big white board. She has her cute desk handpainted by my friend Tracey's mom Val who has since moved back to England.

This picture was taken sometime early in 2009...I can tell because that's when Sydney gave herself a haircut. It took Debbie about a year to get them straightened was to the scalp in some areas. See everything fairly organized.

After the new year, Sydney suggested that we have school in the breakfast room because it wasn't as distracting for her.  This is what school looks like now! Everyday we drag out supplies and put them up.  Next year hopefully there will be a new table and no paneling...will document that process too.

She was right, she has done better in school this semester and not been as distracted...maybe she was right.  She is maturing so much this year.  Third grade is nearly over and we will be on to 4th Grade...where in the world did the time go.  I miss my baby but I can honestly say I have enjoyed every stage of her life. Last week I got out of the shower and found this......

Honestly, it was hard not to scold her for playing with the iron...she's nearly 10 and she wasn't playing...she was getting herself ready for the day and taking initiative. I loved to iron when I was a kid...I think I was older than her but I enjoyed it...not so much these days.
I want to enjoy every minute because I know how fast time flies...Annie and Courtnay are grown women now and it just seems like yesterday...

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  1. What a go-getter she is!! And asking to have school in a different room so that she won't be distracted?? Very mature of her. You've got a good girl on your hands. Congrats Mama!