Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mayfest 2010! "Orange Crush"?

It's that time of year...May...when dance rules our lives!  For the past several years May is the month of dance. Nobody cares that hubby has a birthday or we have our 25th anniversary...it's ALL about dance. Costumes, pictures, Mayfest performance, dress rehearsals and finally the recital which is the biggest beating of the year!  I love it but I'm thankful it is only once a year. 

We always get our costumes the week before Mayfest and hope that they fit and it doesn't hail!  For those of you not from Fort Worth, in 1995 Mayfest was attacked by baseball to softball size hail.  People were hurt and it was crazy scary! . I wasn't there but I was on my way there to find our then 16 year old Courtnay. We pulled under the cover of an old Firestone in Downtown Fort Worth seconds before nature unleased this fury. Within minutes there was literally over a foot of huge hail stacked up in the street. My cute red Eclipse was spared hail damage but others weren't so lucky. Enough history.

Here she is waiting her big number

This years dance was "Crush" way cute...hence the orange costumes!
It's just a little crush....may not ever get that song out of my head! The performance was flawless!
Top off the evening with a little bungy jump!
Thankfully she didn't have to perform her hip hop number because they were still tweaking the dance.  It's also very cute to the Witch Doctor song from Alvin and the Chipmunks!

To top things off Sydney was sick with a wicked sinus infection so I let her dance with the understanding that she could have a funnel cake and 2 rides then we are out of there! It was fun! Glad it's over!

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