Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun summer night!

I know it's not officially summer but trust me in Texas it is! Cookouts, honeysuckle, fireflys and sleepovers with Taryn...last Saturday Taryn spent the night with us. It was just one of those nights when it felt like our weekend wouldn't be complete without her! As you know, Sydney and Taryn have been besties since they were three or four years old...I don't think they really remember not knowing each other...they will both be 10 this summer. They are very creative with their play time.  This time they acted out The Lion King story complete with make-up...sort of.  It was sweet and hilarious all at the same time.  They put on makeup for their characters and both had some weeds coming our of their waistbands for tails but they didn't stay in very well. I sat there watching the girls with the firefly show in the background and the smell of doesn't get much better than this!

Starring Sydney as Scar...pretty scary

....and Taryn as Mufasa

Fight scene (disregard the pumpkin in the background...a doggy toy)

Scar pushes Mufasa off the mountain

The end of Mufasa

aren't they cute?

Encourage your kids to be creative and act things's good for the soul! I know the sad day will come when they will think this type of activity is so lame..I dread that day.  I'm happy Sydney has a friend she can be so transparent with. I am hoping that they will always be sweet, innocent, silly little girls when they are together.

Enjoy your Memorial Day and don't forget to stop and think about those who have given so much to our great country over the years.


  1. Pretty scary is right! Looks like a fun evening.

  2. How creative!!! Such imaginations.

    For some reason I am able to comment again.