Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fun Valley Part II

 Sydney taking off to find a friend to play with. She was so excited to finally have the courage to take her training wheels! With a little encouragement from Gracie!

Stopping long enough for us to get a picture. You can tell by the pictures what time of day it is based on whether or not Sydney has her jacket on.

Visiting her friends on our day trip to Creede, CO.  Creede is an old mining now tourist village about 30 minutes from Fun Valley. Lots of good shops, good food and very tame furry friends!

Line dancing lessons at the square dance hall for young and old...

I'm sure there is a story to this yellow painted rock outside of the square dance hall but I don't know what it is. Kids climb, slide and have pictures on it all day long. 

It was outside the square dance hall that a lady asked Rick if he was having fun with his granddaughter:)

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