Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Columbus Day!

We don't usually do anything for Columbus Day and I don't remember taking the day off from school other that in 2008 when we went to Six Flags which may or may not have landed this roller coaster loving mama in the hospital for repair surgery! I'm not sure if that did it or not but now my husband has banned me from them. Six Flags is not the same with out them. I slightly pushed the limits this summer when I went with Sherilyn.

Anyway, today we slept in a little and then got dressed and met my friend Tracey and her kids Emma and Christopher at Central Market for lunch and some shenanigans! We always have fun with them. When we first met it was Sydney and Christopher's kindergarten and Emma's Pre-K orientation in 2006. Tracey was the first mom I met at Sydney's school. We became friends and Sydney and Christopher because of their last names and they had to sit together in Miss Smith's class also became friends. Over the years, Sydney and Emma have become closer and boys are at the age where they don't much want to be bothered by girly-ness! Well he's a good sport about it all.

Sydney amongst the pumpkins...that is actually a "neck pumpkin" around her neck!

 Here she is with a larger "neck pumpkin" around her waist...they called it a floaty pumpkin.

Christopher and Emma clowning around with their "neck pumpkin"

All three posing together! Emma Christopher and Sydney.

We had perfect weather today cool but not cold, warm but not hot.  A perfect day for eating outside and playing on the playground. Hard to believe how much these 3 have changed over the years. Tracey is from England and a lot like Mary Poppins...and she used to be a Nanny too!


  1. Those gourds are awesome! I've had the hardest time commenting lately on blogs. Hope this goes through!