Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring fever has set in!

Spring is here and the grass is green. We have had April showers and are awaiting our May flowers but this spring has been very boring. We have had some very windy days and wildfires to the west so our allergies have been in full swing. Easter was a miss since little girl was sick and I am getting over a cold/allergy combo. This is the beautiful time of year that I remember and anticipated as much as Christmas when I was a child. It's the time between Easter and the end of school! When I was in college it was afternoons spent at Griffith beach and try and get a tan. Those of you who attended SFA know that Griffith Beach is a lawn behind Griffith Hall were I resided for a couple of years. Somedays I wish I still lived there. And I remember as a kid it was the longest time of year. I want to go to the park, have picnics, feed the ducks, watch Sydney climb the jungle gym and try to jump off the merry go round while the big kids are pushing it at warp speed and I can't decide whether to close my eyes or push the big kids out of the way. The snow cone stand is already open most evenings now too. We have had a longer than usual confused winter this year. Spring is important around here because if you are going to do it outside is has to be now and if you blink you just might miss it!. In about six week or so it will be to hot to do any of the above fun things. It will be too hot to do anything but go to the pool or stay inside and read a good book. Summer days are misery and I'm so glad I'm not a farmer. Anyone who has ever stood in line for an hour in 105 degree heat at Six Flags just to get sprayed with water knows what I'm talking about. I did this in 2006 for Sydney's sixth birthday and I can safely say "never again". We try to go do that stuff in the spring or fall. Last year I took her and Taryn (bff) on Columbus Day and I was in heaven. I love roller coasters and I met up with a friend from church who is also crazy about them. We thought we were kids again. Problem is, you don't do that if you have had 2 major surgeries in in the 15 months prior. Not good at all.

Summer evenings are great and I can't wait to sit on our remodeled covered patio with the ceiling fans blowing at full speed and drink lemonade and play Frisbee with the cat. That's right! Our 11 year old Maine Coon Buddy loves the Frisbee. He doesn't catch it but he does come to life when we throw it and runs and chases it like a kitten. This is amazing because his movements are usually like an old lazy hound dog.

I hope this week I will find something to take a picture of.

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  1. This made me want to be in Lubbock again! Great post.