Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The past week has been crazy busy!

Last Tuesday, on a continuation of her birthday celebration, Sydney and I set out on a trip to Coco's house and to Sea World San Antonio. The drive through the Texas hill country is great...no interstate for us! We got to Coco's house and went to the amazing Bluebonnet Cafe where the chicken and dumplings are to die for and the Tuesday special and where the donuts are home made and the size of a plate! Of course Sydney had to have a donut but she also had bacon and eggs. We came home and made the famous rainbow cake. Wednesday we headed out to Sea World! We had a blast, the kids were great and we ate very expensive food. Lunch for Sydney and I was $36.00! We quickly decided that dinner could wait until we left the park. Went to Taco Bueno, a favorite of mine and Coco's where dinner for 5 was under $20.00...much better. We decided that next time and there will be a next time since we each bought a Fun Pass which is the same price as a one day ticket (don't know why other than they want you back to eat expensive food and drinks). Amazingly the the kids were cranky in the car coming home...we thought we would have a nice quiet drive home but 3 over tired kids whining and tattling all the way home. If you were blindfolded you would not be able to tell the 9 year old from the 2 or 4 year old...really! Sea World pics will follow someday soon after I retrieve my camera. Thursday we got up and made butter cream frosting for the cake and ate the very tall 6 layer rainbow cake...the 7th layer was green but it didn't make it.

Nine years old! After returning home, we had a birthday celebration with Angel at Don Pablos...all I can say is Chocolate Volcano! Well, and thanks Cindy for a fun and yummy lunch!

Over the weekend, Taryn came over and we swam, went to Purple Cow and had a sleep over in the playroom. Sunday I woke up with a wicked bad headache and stayed in bed late. Mom, it was bad, really bad (smile). VBS started on Sunday night and runs through Thursday.

My question is why would my daughter want to sleep on an air mattress (left from sleep over) rather than her comfy mattress with a memory foam topper AND feather bed on top of that...all wrapped up in velvet bedding? Her bed really does have a mattress that she hand picked, topped with a 2 inch memory foam and another layer of feather bed. If you know of the saga of getting her to sleep in her room then you understand. The air mattress is coming down today.

Finally, yesterday was spend with baby Charlie, his mom and sweet brothers! I finally got to spend some quality time with him and his mom...it was worth the wait! Jill took some cute pictures of Charlie and Sydney to be posted later!


  1. Just reading about all the food made me nauseou! :P Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!