Friday, August 14, 2009

Disapointing news for Clay...keep praying!

Here is the latest news from Anne regarding Clay:

There has been a change of plans – due to the wonderful world of insurance – as far as Clay’s surgery. He will need to wait until at least September 9th for the surgery. The person in charge of approving the insurance is out of town for the week. No one else will approve him having the surgery next week, so the hospital had to give away his time to someone else.

They will be leaving to drive back to South Carolina on Saturday – it is a two day trip. They will then, when approval is given, have to turn around and come back in September (we hope). The hope is that Clay does not worsen a lot between now and then.

As always, Amy asks that everyone please pray for patience and strength for them as they go through this waiting period. Clay is not taking the news terribly well, but says he can’t really do anything about it so…….

Thank you,


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