Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Prayer Request

I have a prayer request from Anne a very good friend of mine. Please pray for her nephew Clay. I don't know Clay personally but I have known his family since I was in middle school and trust me that was a long, long time ago (think Time in a Bottle and Crocodile see I told you it was long, long ago).

The note below is from an email Anne sent me...I have permission from her to post this.

Here are some pictures of my nephew, Clay, taken last night. He is in town
to hopefully have surgery next Wednesday at Cook's. If the insurance
approves, it will be Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, which is still pretty
new. He has Wilson's Disease, which is so rare that not many doctors know
what to do with it. Please pray for some change in his lifestyle. He has
become incapacitated within 2 years -- very frustrating for a now 19 year
I have also included a before picture to show what he looked like 2 years
ago, just before diagnosis.
Clay and at least his mom, Amy, will be here for an unknown amount of time
after surgery. The doctors have said he will need intense physical therapy
to hopefully get him walking again.

Here is Clay(right) with cousin Kevin (Anne's son) in 2007

Here is a recent picture of Clay with you can see the effects are devastating.


  1. That brought me to tears. I can't imagine what they are going through. He is in my prayers, and we should thank GOD he has Cooks. The best.

  2. You KNOW I'll be praying for Clay and his family. Like Coco, I'm so glad he is at Cook's. They do incredible work...I'm holding an example of their fine work (with oversight by the Great Physician himself!!) as I type. God bless their family.