Monday, September 7, 2009

Favorite Things

One of my very favorite things to do is cook and bake. When we are in a lonely, tired, sad, happy or in a fit of boredom we bake. This is a cure all at my house. All three girls have done their time in the kitchen with me. When I was a young step-mom with very little money we baked, when it was too cold to go out we baked, when it was too hot to go out we baked. Now I have my own daughter and we bake. Yesterday it was brownies and they were very, very, good. My advice when they are very young is to use mixes...except for cookies...I am a total cookie snob. They have to be from scratch and include butter, not margarine...that's my rule. It's really okay because I don't eat too many of them myself.

Today we are using the hand mixer because my Kitchen Aid is too heavy for me to lift and due to limited counter space it lives on top of the fridge. You really don't need the big guns for Betty Crocker brownies, you really don't need a mixer but Sydney needs the practice.

Doesn't she look cute in her apron? Annie's grandmother made us matching aprons for Christmas one year.

Yum! Yes, I am a mom who not only allows this kind of behavior...I encourage it!

No time for manners when there is brownie batter in the house.

I have this frame with three pictures in above my baker's rack in my breakfast of each of the girls cooking...from left to right Sydney, Annie, Courtnay.


  1. Wow! Sydney looks so much older in these pictures. Her face is changing ~ Just beautiful! I still see some of the little girl in her in the second-to-last picture, though. Love, SBW

  2. And what a baker you are!!! I love everything you (and Sydney make). You are making great memories with her Susan. Love you!

    The new header is divine:-)

  3. Forgot to mention we lick everything around here when making sweets...Carter even licks cutting boards if they've had the right stuff on them:-)

  4. I knew I should have come over Monday! I was having a craving for brownies. To lazy to make them myself!