Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Daze

Yesterday was the first day of third grade for Sydney and we had a great time. Our day begins around 7:00 a.m. getting up, eating breakfast and getting dressed etc. Then off to the playroom/schoolroom by 9:00 to begin our school day. We started off talking about our summer and a little show and tell then we jumped in with both feet to our studies. We have all of the usual subjects and have added geography and vocabulary this year. We have joined a co-op again this year but we do not do classes with them...only field trips. We do lots of field trips and outside activities such as church, dance (twice a week) and play dates with friends. Our circle of friends includes kids in public and private school as well as home school.

Breakfast time. She just rolled out of bed and looks gorgeous doesn't she?

We use this white board for nearly every subject...

As you can see our school room is also a playroom. I was concerned in the beginning that it would be distracting to at least one of us but we are able to focus during school and not worry what Barbie is up to.

Here she is reading which has been her most challenging subject (besides math). She is reading so much better and faster than last year and is even reading for enjoyment! I have found that the key to encouraging your kids to read is allow them to read about what they are interested in. It works wonders! I read an article yesterday in Parenting magazine that said if your son is reading lots of comic books, don't be too quick to discourage it...he is reading! Also, if they really struggle with the material try 50% or 75% instruction where you take turns reading a page or doing a problem if the attention span just isn't there. We do this with subjects like geography and math. This is a huge advantage for those who home school. You will be amazed what your child wants to know and sometimes you just need to follow that lead.

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