Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Dance Class

Sydney started her new dance class last night. It's a hip-hop class...street hip hop! There are 3 that's right three in the class and Ms. Lindsey has her work cut out. It's great because the other girls Erin and Tori have been in dance with her for years so she is with her homeys! They are all pretty close in age and cute as they can be. The even better thing is that I love, love, love the moms that I have to sit and visit with for an hour. That makes all of the difference and we are 3 of the silliest people on earth when we are together. We have decided in a fit of insanity that maybe we will make the recital costumes for street hip hop since there are only 3 kids. How hard can it be? Go to Academy and pick out some sweats cut them off...a little spray paint, a little bling and we are good to go! Just so you know the street hip hop class costumes were $85.00 last year so this is what sparked the conversation. Plus the two other girls are in the jazz class in the hour before so they are there for nearly 2 hours. Sydney is still in jazz but we are taking it on Thursdays so she has 2 days of dance rather than one. This is our PE and Art and there will be research on the fine art of street dancing. Oh, I almost forgot they are dancing to "Car Wash"...how cute is that?

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