Monday, June 15, 2009

Foxy Mama!

This old girl lives under our shed in our back yard. She did until last Thursday when I called Animal Control. The animal control officer looked under the shed with his very official flashlight and said "Mam, you got you a mama fox and two young-uns alivin under yer shed! Seriously this is what he told me. He said "I kin git you a trap but we ain't had much luck trappin them foxes". "Git you some moth balls or some ammonia" and that should do the trick." So I went to Kroger and got myself some moth balls...boy do they stink. I threw the whole box under my shed and within 15 minutes the mama high tailed it. Well, my hubby comes home and wants to help get the babies out so he uses the garden sprayer to flush out the babies. The first one ran out and followed the exact path of the mama down to the creek. But the 2nd little guy freaked and ran in circles and up on my porch giving my Shih-Tsu a nervous fox finally got away I was taking Belle (Shih-Tsu) outside and there they were trotting up the fence towards my house like they were coming home. The pups ran up under the shed and the mama just stopped about 3 feet from me and looked at me. After I picked up Belle, I started talking to her and telling her how pretty she was but that she really needs to get her babies and go. I know she's just trying to keep them cool but I don't like having creatures living under my shed. It has been suggested that we shoot them but we live in the city limits (on the very edge) and I don't want to get in trouble with the police around here or my neighbors especially since I just told one neighbor I didn't care for the color that she painted her house...I can't go into that right now other than to say that in an instant I became the old lady who lived across from me as a child and was always offering her opinion on things that were none of her business. I did apologize though.
I apologize for the quality of the was taken by my husband with his cell phone. It's really hard to get good photos of wildlife because they run away everytime I go in the house to get my camera!


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  2. I didn't meant to actually *delete* the other comment. Sheesh. Anyway, I remembered last night we had a family of skunks living under our shed in Lancaster. Don't remember how we got rid of them. . . But I personally hate the smell of moth balls so much (dad's mom's house has *reeked* of moth balls for as long as I can remember) it makes perfect sense that it would drive foxes, skunks or any other critters away. . . .and although I can't imagine you telling a neighbor you don't care for the color she painted her house, it gave me a good chuckle to try. Two thumbs up for a very funny and well-written punch!