Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spiderman and Prirates and Transformers Oh My!

I can say that after years of celebrating daughter's birthdays a little boy birthday is like being on another planet! Yesterday we celebrated our grandson Michael's 4th birthday at an area water park. Four is the year they truly are no longer a baby and baby toys just don't work. Michael is dressed head to toe in Spiderman. Spiderman shirt, shorts, sandals and underwear. His room is all Spiderman and pirates.

Michael and his Nana.

Michael with aunt Sydney. Notice he is almost at tall as an eight year old.!

Annie and Sydney...Courtnay could not be there but she did go to see Michael last night.

This is one of my favorite pictures taken just minutes after Michael was born. Have you ever seen a more proud Pop or Aunt?

The cake I made for Michael's first birthday. It matched his invitations and I think I did a pretty good job but it's the last time I did it...too much stress. After all, I am not the Cake Boss! I'm just the boss!


  1. He is darling. Got the Bruner tow head gene!

    That picture of Rick and Syd is priceless. I forget how close in age Bram and Michael are.

    I will be in town the 6th through the 10th b/c Bram has zoo school. We should get the two together. That would be a hoot!

  2. I *LOVE* the cake. . . you're so talented! And the picture of Sydney and Rick is just beautiful.