Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ridglea Rockets Swim Team and a Movie!

Sydney joined the swim team this year and yesterday was her first swim meet against Walnut Creek and Hulen Heights. Sydney has only had a few swimming lessons and has never competed before. They let you join the team regardless of skill level. She signed up for 3 events back stroke, breast stroke and freestyle. Sydney has never done or learned the back stroke or the breast stroke...ever! It was all very official they wrote her name on her back and her event numbers down her arm. Her first event was the backstroke. She came in 5th out of five but she made it to the end. When she got out I was really waiting for the "I came in last and I'm done" speech but the first words out of her mouth were "I did the back stroke!". I was so proud! The next race was the breast stroke...just as hard to watch and took longer...but she finished. They have no choice...it's 11 feet deep. This is the first competitive team she has ever been on and out of 50-100 kids (it's hard to tell because they move around a lot) I never heard one child ridicule her for her performance. For that reason I think she will keep trying. Next week starts official swim lessons so hopefully we will see an improvement by the end of the season. If not, it is good life experience for her and they have lots of fun in the 100 degree weather. It lasted from 3:00 to around 7:30 or eight. The pool is closed on Mondays but they let the kids swim until dark and then watch a movie on the lawn Ratatouille We didn't leave the pool until 11:00 pm, luckily it is only 4 miles from my house. It was a really fun day!

Sydney waiting for her first event and her swim cap.

She finishes her first race!

How not to wear a swim cap!

Here is Taryn who has been Sydney's friend since they were 3! She has mastered the swim cap.

Sydney and Angel. Sydney and Angel share a lot...here are just a few of the things they have in common:
  • Both are homeschooled
  • Both are Dyslexic and a touch ADD
  • Both are Christians and were baptized last year
  • They share pet mice (they reside at Angel's house)
  • God has done a mighty work in both of them the past 2 years
  • Their moms love each other just as much as they love each other!


  1. 11 feet deep!?!! That's impressive all by itself.

  2. Go Rockets! Friendliest team in Region 4!