Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to Fun Valley, Colorado

We spent a week at Fun Valley, Colorado.

Rio Grande River...the view from the back of our cabin

This is were we ate every day.

Horseback riding...

Up the mountain.

Trout fishing. There is a fish fry on Tuesday nights after the fishing tournament:)

Ralph cleaning the trout and explaining the difference between lungs and gills...a little biology class at the lake!

Sydney and Rick on the paddle boats...it's sleeting
Sight seeing at Wolf Creek Pass...the next day a Pepsi truck went over.
Molly's house has a tree growing up the middle of it.
Sydney and Milo...love at first sight!

Uncle Randy frying chicken...it was maybe the best fried chicken I have ever tasted!
Feeding chipmunks...this girl was in heaven!
Eating pizza at the Old Miner's Inn at Creede. Yes it is also a bar and in the winter they rent snow mobiles!
Sydney's friends at Fun Valley...Bonnie, Mikaela and Jonathan.


  1. I want to go!!!! How fun! Sydney is the perfect age to enjoy all Fun Valley has to offer.

  2. Sydney feeding the chipmunks was my favorite picture. And horseback riding - Wow! I am *so* impressed! . . .being Ft. Worth born and bred clearly has its advantages :)