Friday, October 30, 2009


Sydney loves her Batgirl costume!  Yesterday she had to show her big sis Courtnay and she worked out to Biggest Loser on Wii for 25 minutes!  Then we went to dance but only one other girl dressed up this year.  It's hard to believe but they only have 3 more classes before the Christmas performance. The jazz dance this year is "Sleigh Bells" and the hiphop dance is not one I know.  Personally I don't know any hip hop holiday you?  There will be more fun posted later today and tomorrow  if  the technology in my house cooperates. Being all wireless has it's problems.

On Halloween we usually make caramel apples and carve a pumpkin.  We also have a Fall Festival at church but it's at night and I may not be able to get decent pictures.

Here we have Batgirl this year...seems so grown up! If I get my scanner working we will have pictures from Halloween past...cross your fingers!


  1. That is one fancy Batgirl costume!! Y'all have fun!!!

  2. HOW CUTE! Like how she's holding the puppy; adds a nice touch.

  3. She is adorable!!! Carter has a Batman costume...they would look so cute together. Have fun tomorrow night.