Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sydney's Super Fun Day!

Well, it was super fun for me because all of her super fun friends have super fun moms! Although we woke up to cold and rainy, the activities and friends of the day warmed us up quickly. Our home school group when to see The Jungle Book at Casa Manana. It was our first of many this year and we always see lots of friends. Brooke, Sydney and Angel sat together for the play and had a great time. After the play we always go to lunch with our girls usually Central Market, Jason's Deli or Purple Cow. Yesterday we went to Central Market for a yummy lunch with Cindy and Angel but this time our friend Catherine joined us with 3 of her 5 kids Sophia, Gunner and Issac.

After lunch we ran home for a little rest and then to Christopher and Emma's house where Courtnay joined me for a visit with my very super fun friend Tracey. We always have fun adventures at their house and lots of laughs with the kids. Tracey was my first friend when Sydney started private school in Kindergarten. Sydney and Christopher were both in Miss Smiths class and sat together most of the year. Tracey is from England but is now and American citizen as is her mom Val. Once while at their house having tea with a bunch of Tracey's British friends I laughed that "I'm the only one at this table who doesn't speak English"! I always thought I did but they speak English...I'm not sure what my language is called but I think it is Texan. Courtnay joined us back home for dinner and some visiting with her dad. We had a great day!

This is Simon, Christopher and Emma's guinea pig
This is Sydney, her big sister Courtnay and of course Alvin, Simon's brother!
This is Emma riding Sydney...I told you we never know what will happen at their house!


  1. Thanks for the comment of encouragement. It's always nice to hear about someone else in the same role I am in. I tried for months to find a book to help me out. No such luck! Kudos to you for what you did. I'm glad to hear they're grown and appreciative.
    Sydney is adorable! :)

  2. Love Casa Manana! I need to take the kids this winter.