Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A bunch of princesses and one frog!

Yesterday we stopped in on our friends for a quick play date. All of the kids decided to play dress up, even brother Preston got in on the action. I kept thinking "how funny one frog for all of these princesses"! I can tell you this...he is really prince charming under that froggy costume! He is really special and is also a good sport for putting up with all of the girly stuff that goes on when you have two sisters. I'm proud of what a good brother you are.

Here is the gang all dressed up clockwise from the back is Sydney, Brooke, Kaylene, Preston and Shelby.

There are no words...Shelby and Kaylene...they are so stinking cute! I hope this is the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

Thanks for a fun afternoon!


  1. Love it!! Thanks for the kind comments and the sweet, sweet sharing of pictures! I just posted a few dress-up fun ones on my FaceBook!! You can come by for playtime anyday!! Hugs! ~ Robin

  2. That is hilarious. VERY good sport indeed!